I am an independent health and life insurance agent.

Medicare: I am certified with multiple commercial Medicare insurance companies that offer Managed Care, Medicare Supplements (F.G., N) and Medicare Prescription Drug plans.
Group: I am affiliated with the Northern Ohio Area Chamber of Commerce Benefit Plan, MEWA (multi-employer welfare arrangement). Carroll County Chamber has made it possible for its members to benefit from this health care program that can lead to more rate stability and potential savings for groups with 50 or fewer employees. These benefits include Anthem group health insurance for businesses with 2-50 employees, Anthem life, dental, vision and disability insurance. The plan allows smaller employers to join and share in the overall claim risk. As part of a larger, self-funded pool, employers have financial protection backed by Anthem stop lost coverage.
Individual: Comprehensive dental, vision and hearing, hospital indemnity, Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke policy; medical travel insurance.
Life Insurance: The Living Promise

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